On September 22, 2019, spend your Mabon weekend at the David L. Lawrence, Hall E, from 11am-7pm for a day of Artists, Mystics, Wine & Spirits! $10 admission open to ALL (online & at-door), witchlings and sorcerer apprentices 10 & under are free.


Admission includes…

Over 200 Artists & Mystics

Any female-identifying artist and/or mystic, particularly who dabbles in the occult, the esoteric, the bizarre, the dark, the misunderstood, is invited to apply as a vendor. Male + female partnerships & teams are more than welcome to apply, as well as artists who identify as non-binary. We provide 8’x10′ booths, complete with a clothed table and chairs. There are also two private rooms for sale, which are ideal for psychics, spiritual healers, and other services.

2019 COVEN

Delightful Spirits

The exhibitor’s hall will feature a cash bar with refreshments, alcoholic and non alike. We can’t wait to unveil a signature potion courtesy of our Lake Witch & her coven cocktail collection. For a sneak peek, give her a follow on instagram @bartenderwitch

Guest Speaker, Starla Moore

Join world renowned jewelry designer, business coach, and pack leader of the Handmade Alpha Academy – Starla Moore! She will be presenting two unique live presentations to motivate and inspire you to find your purpose, as she spills her personal success secrets and the mindset that can drive any individual to achieve their creative dreams. She will also be giving away TWO full-ride scholarships to Handmade Alpha Academy, each valued at $1,997. If you’ve ever had a dream that you feel too afraid to chase – these unique presentations are for you.

Meet Your Familiar

A Familiar is believed to be a supernatural entity that assists witches in their magickal practices. This spirit typically takes the form of an animal.

Our “Adopt-A-Familiar” booth exists solely as a benefit for the World Wildlife Fund, and we have chosen to narrow our focus to the rainforest fires in Brazil.

Come donate what you can spare, and you will get a fun assessment to discover your special Familiar! For $20 or more, you will also receive a pendant depicting your animal. Fun perks for donating even less & 100% of your donation goes to the fund, no tricks here!

Halloween Festivities (For All Ages)

Trick-or-Treat: Though entirely optional, we invite you to come in costume! Vendors will have an assortment of complimentary goodies to share, and ask only in return that you take a moment to admire their craft. Consider supporting them further if you like what you see!

Craft Circle: Wandmaking and other crafts, suitable for all ages! All workshops are included with admission so no fee will be collected, but we are also accepting optional donations for one of our sponsored endangered species at World Wildlife Fund.

Costume Photobooth: Strike a pose at our complimentary photo booth!

Henna: Visit our henna booth for the safe & natural application of a beautiful temporary skin design.

More magick & mischief to be announced as the wheel of the year turns! Find us on FacebookInstagramTumblr & Twitter for updates as they come!

2 thoughts on “Pittsburgh

  1. Going the weekend before this event to York, Pennsylvania to a Find Your Inner Goddess Women’s Retreat, so coming to this the following weekend would be perfect. I don’t believe in coincidences so I was definitely led to see this event. I am so stoked right now and I happen to be a donating member of World Wildlife Fund for about 3 years now so is that not the most universal invitation telling you that you need to be at this event? I can not wait. To be with like minded people trying to make a difference in this realm while we are here. Awesomeness!! Namaste see you in September my family and hopefully my familiar.

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