2020 Postponement

To protect witchkind & to give our community the experience we promised, we have made the difficult decision to reserve the Season of the Bitch for 2021. We are excited to share our new dates with you!

Pittsburgh September 19, 2021
David L Lawrence Convention Center
Louisville October 17, 2021
The Louisville Palace & Mercury Ballroom
Charlotte October 24, 2021
The Fillmore Charlotte
Sunday, September 27 2020
Sunday, October 4 2020
Sunday, October 11 2020

In Response to Covid-19 & Our Postponement

Coven & community, we at Bitchcraft Fair sincerely hope you’ve dodged this worldwide hex. Please don’t fret over that boil on your face, it is not a reported symptom of Covid-19, merely the sign of a maturing witch.⁠

When the early spring outbreak began, our best efforts at tarot or Ouija consultations still could not predict where we would be by Spooky Season (though we did acquire a new poltergeist named Vladeghast in the process).

We have had so much to consider as cases spike again, confirming nightmares everywhere: we will not be out of the woods by fall. We are so very thankful to all of our venues which house our haunts for ⁠working so hard to coordinate 2021 dates with us. Our top priority is the safety and livelihood of our communities. Vladeghast advises that it does not matter as long as we’re having fun, but he is also a very irresponsible tenant.

We stand strong with our local small businesses, our Coven of Makers & Mystics, who are persevering through these Trials, as witches do. You are what we stand for, you are why we held on. You continue to be our greatest source of inspiration. Unfortunately, the adjustments we would be required to make to possibly function (albeit on no certain terms yet, in July, as we write this) would not guarantee you the experience we have promised. 

To our Makers, capping ticket sales far beneath an acceptable margin had become an inevitability. With booths placed 6 feet apart, we had already oversold our space by January before we could ever have predicted these limitations. Costly equipment & inconvenient protocol such as screens would be required at each booth.

Trick-or-treating? Witchy cocktails? A pervasive mystery – and not the fun paranormal kind. Food & beverage guidelines at some venues are still unclear. And for the sake of transparency, we will not promise what we cannot deliver.

We have exceptionally high standards for ourselves as a growing annual event. Despite our tenacity & am-bitchin’, we can’t in good conscience compromise your health, your experience, or the future of Bitchcraft Fair.

We will see you next year, and together we will rise from these flames more powerful as a result of them. We love you.

Transfers & Refunds

All booths & tickets are automatically transferred to 2021 and valid for the new dates above, but refunds will be issued if these new dates do not work for you. We do highly recommend keeping your spot reserved since we cannot yet guarantee our 2021 pricing will remain the same. We do cap tickets at select venues, and most booths are sold out.

If you purchased a booth, please scroll to the purple section below for details pertaining to you.

If you purchased a ticket, please submit us a refund request. No further action is necessary if you want to transfer your ticket to 2021 – it’s already done! 

For refund requests, your email MUST specify the following:

1. Which city did you purchase tickets for?

2. What is the quantity of tickets purchased you would like refunded? 

3. First & last name of the ticket buyer.

4. Did you purchase tickets via Eventbrite or Ticketspice?

Subject Line: Bitchcraft Fair 2020 Ticket Refund Request

Please give us up to 14 days to refund your order. Most will be refunded instantly.

You have 30 days to request a refund, after which point we cannot guarantee a refund & your ticket will be automatically transferred to 2021. Send your request to creativecovenhaus@gmail.com

For those staying with us, we thank you so much for your patronage. Your loyalty and flexibility is a blessing to us and we cannot wait to meet you next Halloween!

Concerning Our Makers & Mystics

Your booth transfers automatically to 2021, no further action required! However, we do suggest scrolling below for some suggestions to better connect with our community during these dark times. If our new dates conflict with your schedule & you seek a refund instead, read on.

The tragically phantasmagorical nature of live events in 2020 has been devastating for small business owners like you, and like us. A great big fear has already come true for us this upcoming spooky season: letting you down. We wanted so badly to save Halloween for you, to be that one show to come through for you, and this decision came after nights so sleepless only a vampire would envy them.

Not unlike a phantom, we always aim to be fully transparent with our Coven. To engage, promote, and initiate as many local magickal folk as possible to grow our festivities, we seek to be as active as Vladeghast across our social media platforms. But when Covid-19 struck, our very presence in the world seemed insensitive. 

We tentatively scrolled comment sections for similar events excitedly announcing their autumn dates, but the backlash we observed could have curdled an Immortality Elixir. Sadly, during lockdown, Bitchcraft Fair would have been likened to a curse (kindly overlook the curse word), so we lost months of valuable advertising.

With a full 14 months ahead to prepare for our 2021 season, we are able to manifest an audience in ways this pandemic year restricted. Postponing allows us to be that much more prepared. Your investment in a booth is precious, but you will see an even more abundant return if you decide to transfer your space to next year. 

As booths are nearly sold out in each city, and we cannot guarantee future pricing won’t increase, we highly recommend opting to teleport with us to a much grander 2021! Your booth is transferred automatically, so no further action is required from you.

If you are opting out, we’re sorry to see you go, but we understand if our new date conflicts with your schedule. Your refund is guaranteed, but we do appreciate your patience moving forward, as we cannot yet predict how many requests await us. While remaining hopeful we can manage this process quickly, we want to forewarn that pandemic recovery could potentially take a bit of time. 

As we have opted to reschedule our shows rather than to cancel, funds are still obligatorily tied to our venues/misc vendor contracts, which may limit our ability to refund instantaneously. As you can imagine, Covid-19 was not yet an existing calamity or damage outlined in event insurance when we purchased it in 2019, either – as is true for so many struggling, cancelled, or terminated events.

Bearing this in mind, please ONLY use our protocol to receive a refund, please communicate any serious concerns directly with us, and do not file formal complaints with your bank and/or PayPal. Such processes would be even more timely and these measures are aggressive, does NOT guarantee you a refund like we have, and marks our business for fraudulent practices. This is not the case for any business Covid-19 impacted. This is an unforeseen disaster, so please allow us to continue to do our best to navigate this crisis, and to continue to serve you straightforwardly, with compassion and dignity.

We take this very seriously and in the interest of protecting our remaining exhibitors, our attendees, our venues, and the future of our shows, should you initiate bank or PayPal disputes, you will not be welcome to participate in Bitchcraft Fair in the future.

Please submit your request no later than August 15th, 2020. Our form will no longer accept new submissions after this date. 

We are using this valuable time now to expand our audience while building a much more solid connection with our community!
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