a virgin lit the black flame candle & now we're back
Pittsburgh Sept. 19 2021 & LOUISVILLE oct. 17 2021

The Bitching Hour is upon us, pittsburgh!

Never be scared to come TOO prepared, here are the details for September 19 2021:

HALLS D & E | 12 PM - 6 PM
Admission still available at the door
$10 cash / $10 + service fee & tax with card

Parking Your Broom

A 700-car parking garage with an 7' 8" clearance is available at the Convention Center. The entrance is located on 10th Street. You may also visit ParkPGH.org for real time parking availability in the downtown area.

Raven's Eye View

Halls D & E are located on the first floor, in the West Lobby across from the parking garage on 10th street. The admissions desk is marked "info" on the map, where you will come to purchase a ticket or collect one you procured first online.


While inside the DLCC, all unvaccinated guests are required to wear a face mask.
It is encouraged for vaccinated guests to wear a face mask.

In 2021, We're Manifesting In-Person & Virtually

The New Normal is a cinche when you're already abnormal. We have only the best of intentions for returning this 2021 season, so the choice is yours - behind curtain number one we present spellbinding in-person gatherings, but perhaps our virtual event is the lesser of two evils?

mask up like it's halloween & don't miss out

or get bitchcraft fair delivered to your door

Creatrixes Unite! Limited Artist & mystic Booths Available

2021 vendor space online & in-person are limited, but you're just in time to apply for our virtual event in the meantime - the stars have aligned! If last year taught us anything, there's no time like the present. Get initiated before the clock strikes doomsday once and for all. Whether you join our in-person or online gatherings, our witchy niche community gathers in numbers to marvel at your spirit-given talents & gifts.

Allow our ravens to send you tidings & omens?

Take Flight

Ascend to new heights by networking with kindred locals. form new, special connections specifically within your witchy niche. meet your sisters!

Wear Many Hats

from handmade enchantments to apothecary brews, ritual & occult tools to mediumship, we're proudly eclectic. your craft is welcome here.

Jack & Jill O-Lanterns

we welcome hallowqueenies, pumpkin kings & in-betweenies! we do not exclude anyone, our vision is to empower women small business owners.

Bubble Double Trouble

you'll love our tribe vibe. come split your booth with a friend! coming alone? we'll sit you next to another solo vendor so you can help each other out.

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A Magickal Marketplace, Crafting Circle, Witches Brew & More

A Halloween experience like no other, shop local Creatives, peer into the future by consulting a Mystic, bring your Witchlings or Wizard Apprentices 10 & under free to Trick-Or-Treat, join our Crafting Circle, strike a pose at our Professional Costume Photobooth, sip Witchy-themed cocktails & more!

wildlife fundraisers

Damn it Janet, let's save the planet!

Costume Photobooth

Come as you are, or as something even more wicked.


Hansels and Gretels 10 & under get in free & the promise of candy sweetens the deal.

witches brew

Pick your poison, we feature a variety.

Shop 'Til You Drop Dead, Gorgeous

Local artisans & mediums featuring handmade enchantments, oddities, tarot & more - so come with your ten of pentacles, leave with your ten of cups runneth over.

hagwarts School of bitchcraft & heathenry

Bitchcraft Fair has the rare honor of featuring regional experts in creativity & the craft. At Hagwarts School of Bitchcraft & Heathenry, learn to cultivate your inner power, and how to manifest your dreams into reality.


Starla Moore

Head Coach of the Handmade Alpha Academy

Astrea Taylor

Author of Intuitive Witchcraft