Initiation Complete!

Come the Season of the Bitch, you can anticipate flowing abundance in the form of new connections & killer sales! Be sure to review any updates throughout the year by visiting the portal at, which can be accessed all year on our homepage. Check back for diagrams one month prior to your event.

To help us expand our event to the Modern Mystics in your city from now until the Bitching Season, be sure to follow the simple steps below! Each year we are hundreds strong, if you refer just 10 faithful followers, just imagine the abundance to come!

Help Spin Our Web

Haunt us on Facebook & Instagram by liking, sharing, engaging. Most importantly, when ticket sales & facebook event pages go live, please RSVP! By following us on facebook, you can be the first to see when those event pages launch.

Fly, Our Pretties

Announce you're in the coven! We will have event promotional images available you can share with your following in the months to come! They will be posted on Instagram, so you can either regram it, or visit your city portal (the page you applied & paid from, accessible via to download directly for the best quality.

DisCount Dracula

A discount code will be available just for your followers! Pre-sale tickets will be $8 this year until a month prior to the respective event, at which point they will reflect the $10 at-door price. In that final month, your followers can turn back the clock to the $8 price with code "MAGIC8"