Hagwarts School of Bitchcraft & Heathenry

At select shows, there will be limited seating. Reserve your spot at our highlight live speaker event by getting your ticket early! There is no extra fee to attend, but optional donations for our conservation fundraiser will be accepted at the door.


Starla Moore

Join world renowned jewelry designer, business coach, and pack leader of the Handmade Alpha Academy - Starla Moore! She will be presenting two unique live presentations to motivate and inspire you to find your purpose, as she spills her personal success secrets and the mindset that can drive any individual to achieve their creative dreams.

She will also be giving away TWO full-ride scholarships to Handmade Alpha Academy, each valued at $1,997. If you've ever had a dream that you feel too afraid to chase - these unique presentations are for you.


Astrea Taylor

Astrea Taylor is the author of Intuitive Witchcraft: How To Use Your Intuition To Elevate Your Craft (Llewellyn, 2020). She blogs as Starlight Witch at Patheos Pagan and writes astrology and rituals for The Blessed Be Box.

Intuitive witchcraft is a form of eclectic witchcraft that uses energy awareness, intuition, and whatever correspondences and tools feel right for the magical work at hand. With these, the intuitive witch crafts a practice that's both unique and deeply meaningful. This presentation will be packed with ideas for anyone who wants to use their intuition more in their magical practice.

Do you have experience manifesting your own creative or otherwise magickal ventures into reality? Do you have passion projects, inspiring ideas, or motivating life stories to share with our audience?

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