2022 Pittsburgh Portal

8' x 10' booths are $100, we provide an 8' table and up to 2 chairs. If you feel you're a fit for our show, then it's destiny - the booth is yours! In VERY rare cases we may cancel & immediately refund any submissions that do not fit our criteria. We don't accept MLM sales or major licensed merchandise.

Set Your Intention & Get Initiated Into the Coven...

Initiation Complete? You've Earned Your Hagging Rites!

If each and every Maker & Mystic invited just 10 friends and family members, attendance would increase by the THOUSANDS - can you imagine how that might impact everyone's sales? After the pandemic, spreading the word is more valuable than ever before - so fly, our pretties!

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The Devil's In The Detail

While the below information is not yet current for 2022, much of the information should remain consistent year by year. You're welcome to browse for clarity's sake, but please visit closer to the date of the fair for the most current updates, booth placement diagrams, etc.

Witches we may be, but we are not in the business of hexing you with any tricks – so we want to give everyone ample time to plan. Let’s get a raven-eye’s view of the land. We will be located right at the West entrance of The David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Your broom should have no trouble locating the site upon entering the city, as the sprawling structure is difficult to miss! Parking in the garage may be most viable for load-in purposes, however, here’s a helpful cheat sheet if you’d like to plan out your parking situation in advance.

Note that Sunday is a great day for optimal parking, so do feel free to observe lots outside of the convention center which may be more economical. Do read on, however, as you may opt for the garage for ease of load-in purposes…

The final 2021 diagram and booth assignments are now available!

Slow & steady is the key, we want to give you all the time you could ever need. Load in is from 8am – 12pm. If you do need to avoid taking multiple trips to/from your parking space, especially if you are transporting anything heavy, as the map will show, there is a drop-off area where you may, very briefly, stop your car to unload larger things into the West Lobby. Leaving your items is at your own risk, but our staff will be there to help keep a watchful eye while you park and return for your things. When you return, you can then start relocating your inventory into Hall E & D.

The convention center staff respectfully asks that you load in through the glass doors with great caution. 2-wheel leaning carts are permitted through these doors, but the convention center will not permit 4-wheel carts. Plan only to bring what you can reasonably carry in through a fragile set of doors, plan to come early if you need to make a couple of trips during load-in period. The loading dock will not be accessible for the show, so plan to unload as described.

We will require some form of identification, preferably photo ID/driver’s license of whoever submitted the application. However, please feel free to familiarize yourself with your booth assignment and load in your things without consulting any check-in point. We are a small team, so familiarizing yourself with your booth space, informing yourself in advance with these details & proceeding with self-sufficiency will help us so much!

We will check for IDs at your assigned booth as needed. This should help load-in go quickly.

If you, or anyone within your team must leave the exhibit hall at any point during the show with the intention of returning, please consult the admissions desk anytime before noon so we can give you a pass to grant you hall access during event hours.

This will begin at 6pm, and we aim to be cleared out by 9pm! Please be courteous of your booth space and be sure to clear away any trash that may have accumulated to make it easier for our gracious hosts.

Electric is available at an additional rate through DLCC. DANGER, BEWARE, you may be as spooked as we were to learn it is quite expensive (see under 2021 Show Services Printable PDF for electric order options). Tip: at registration, we will be using portable battery chargers for debit/credit payments, which may be a great alternative for our show (and future shows) if your need for power hinges primarily on accepting electronic payments, scrolling your phone, etc.

If you do opt to purchase electric for your booth, this must be ordered through the DLCC directly. Click here first, click Electrical Services under 2021 Show Services Online Ordering, then find Bitchcraft Fair listed by date under September 19. You will need to set up an account, and then you will proceed via the prompts.

WiFi is available via a third party provider on site, but pricing is expensive at $75. We would highly recommend using your data for the day, we’re in an area with great signal. If you’d like to forego electronic means of charging your customers, there is an ATM on site, located right by the admissions desk. You can direct customers there if you experience any connectivity issues. Many electronic payment apps do allow for offline payments, too, such as Square.

We suggest boasting a nice big visible bowl of freebies to attract trick-or-treaters, just be sure if these treats are edible, these are commercially wrapped goodies as nothing homemade will be permitted due to liabilities, boo.

We let our shoppers know when we give them bags that, as a courtesy for your generosity, if they take a treat they should expect to take time appreciating your inventory, too!

As promised, there will be witchy cocktails, but quick lunch on-site available for purchase as well! See the layout to get an idea where the concession stand will be located in the exhibit hall. We don’t have a menu yet, but we may update this page if the catering team is able to provide us one in advance. We did submit a request for vegan options, and will do our best to make sure our menu represents your dietary needs, but we cannot guarantee this as the menu is not of our design.

While we do not grant refunds, you may sell your booth to another Maker or Mystic (please notify us, and be sure to include the new owner’s shop name & email address), OR UNTIL AUGUST 29th transfer your booth to 5 free digital listings at our virtual event. Please email coven@bitchcraftfair.com for more details.