What is Bitchcraft?

Bitchcraft, a disarming play off of witchcraft, is a celebration of radical womanhood, and an observation of magick in the form of handmade crafts and/or mystic arts. Witches have traditionally threatened strict religious doctrines, challenged the status quo, and evoked fear. The word ‘bitch’ is used to verbally persecute women, not unlike the executions performed on alleged female magick users throughout history. To be called a bitch, one must have challenged the status quo. And to be an artist or mystic staunchly opposes how we’re expected to earn in our capitalistic economy.

These combined concepts paint a vivid portrait of a woman who is full of rage and courage. She will no longer be discouraged from actualizing her dreams. She sharpens her pencil like a blade, or lights a balmy candle and slips into a lucid trance. She wets her hands and shapes visions out of clay, or intuitively interprets the serendipitous arrangement of colorful cards. Whatever her art, it takes her to another world. She will not be discouraged by criticism, she will risk conformity for this feeling, this spell cast by her own two masterful hands.

When you’re drawn to take part in Bitchcraft Fair, whether as a vendor, an attendee, a guest or a volunteer, perhaps you can feel that ancient power waking in your bones. Or maybe you’re just feeling particularly festive this Halloween season! Regardless – they couldn’t burn us, so join us.

The Coven Mother

I’d like to introduce myself more properly – am Shannon Keely, the show’s organizer. I have been organizing large-scale conventions (in another niche entirely, you may have heard of Midoricon) since 2012, but I feel now that I have finally cultivated a show that aligns with my purpose & passions. Nothing makes me quite as fulfilled as when I hear regular attendees reminiscing from some of my former shows about the lifelong connections & memories they’ve made. In combining my creativity, my specialization in marketing & design, my organizational prowess, I am so in my element as an event planner. I strive to foster an atmosphere that inspires, excites & feels like home for the eccentric, the misfits, the outcasts – the artists!

email: bitchcraft@creativecoven.haus