Summoning For Sessions!

Be you a creative, a mystic, a dabbler or pro, have you honed a skill? We want to know! Have you ever considered hosting a speaking session or workshop? Any relevant topic is welcome: building a creative business, spell techniques, runes & divination, astrology 101... This is your rare chance to meet your demographic, and to introduce a captive audience to your creative or spiritual passions and expertise! No topic is discouraged and all submissions will be considered, weird is welcome here (have you met us?)

Let's Discuss Some Specifics...


upon approval of your submission, we will request a bio & photo, linking our audience to your socials, further promoting your workshop on our printd flyers so you can stay connected with your community


away from the hustle & bustle, we have a devoted meeting space for you to speak with your audience without the need to howl (unless the full moon's out, then howling is encouraged)


please make your A/V requests below. we will have a microphone & speaker prepared for each session, but any additional presentation tools will require arrangements in advance

Submit For Consideration

Pittsburgh is now full, but we are still seeking Milwaukee Mavens!