Our 2021 Rebirth

In our defense, a virgin lit the black flame candle, okay?

we're doing our damnedest not to cancel
come hell or high water (expect both in 2021)

“but isn’t playing dead another year the responsibe thing to do?”

Actually, we think it would be very irresponsible of us to postpone again since we're in the business of empowering small businesses who rely on their income to feed their families. Vending at fairs & handmade marketplace is essential for the survival of many shops. We won't proceed without caution, and we are further bolstering our community by introducing a virtual option, too. Do not attend if you do not feel safe.

We ask you to withhold judgement or harassment towards those who wish to proceed into some semblance of normalcy by considering their own livelihoods. We don't implore you to understand, simply: if you can't open your mouth to say something nice, consider trick-or-treating and popping in a few candy corns instead!

“what precautions will be taken to slow the spread?”

What better opportunity to step up your mask game than at Halloween? Consult the CDC's guidelines of course (lifelike latex masks don't cut it), but there's no time like the present to break out your Apocalyptic Witch Aesthetic.

In all seriousness, we have limited our booth sales overall to accommodate for each state's social distancing guidelines. We will also monitor our ticket sales and if we begin to exceed safe attendance margins, we may limit the time ticketholders can remain in the building to 3 hours.

This may require some flexibility, but we are willing to put forth the effort and expenses to bring you our show this year.

“since you’re so into halloween, let’s talk horror stories – what’s the worst case scenario?”

We'll consult our oracles, our tarot and our psychic mediums along the way, but some obstacles may be unforeseen, such as an outbreak of flying, rabid pigs. But should we hear the distant galloping of the four horsemen, we wouldn't blame you if Bitchcraft Fair was the last thing on your mind.

If Bitchcraft Fair's live gatherings must be cancelled, then we will convert to virtual on the date/time it was scheduled. Makers will be featured on our virtual marketplace, and we will unveil the experience early just for you!

Of course, you can always skip the complications and just go virtual... (Keep scrolling!)

prefer our witches brew recipe from your own cauldron? join us virtually

We send a bitchcraft fair bundle right to your door!

join us october 23, 2021

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