write for the weekly wicked

we would like to summon you

Now summoning Creatrixes, Professional Intuitives, and Witches who write to inspire and teach! The Weekly Wicked is a brand new publication by Bitchcraft Fair. Every autumn, we host gatherings to connect area creatives and empowered witchy women with local makers and magickal folk. 

With The Weekly Wicked, we are excited to serve magickal communities globally, beyond the Fair’s targeted cities, so our favorite magick makers can reach readers all across the web!

We are now accepting submissions to our publication we hope will…⁠

  • Inspire our audience with thoughtful articles featuring your magickal tips, recipes, spells, developing your intuition, etc.
  • Introduce yourself to your demographic by sharing your personal mission, your biography, your story. How did you come into your power? What insight can you share about being in a local coven, or practicing as a solitary? How did you quit your day job to become a full time artist?
  • Share your art & your online shop! We want to support and promote handmade merchants our subscribers would love so they can browse, share, and appreciate your craft.

spell it out for us

In what ways do you contribute to the magickal community & collective at large? Are you a gifted medium? Do you bottle herbs? No gift too grandiose and no talent is too meek, we are so excited to meet you! Taking a moment to share about your personal power & passion is a great opportunity to use our Bitchcraft Fair audience to bolster your own socials/website/platform.

As a very visual blog, we do prioritize image variety and quality, particularly for entries by visual artists and/or our own vendors, as well as public figures. We ask you to provide 3 or more images, and to release those images to appear on your feature, and to promote your feature on our social media pages. We will absolutely not use your personal images outside of purposes pertaining to your entry.

Submission Guidelines for Q&A/Interviews

This pertains to artists, intuitive healers, witches with influence (however big or small), etc., or any feature best suited for a Q&A/Interview format.

We will not interview you via live chat or phone, but will submit our questions to you by email so you can respond. To be considered, please email wicked@bitchcraftfair.com with the subject line “Weekly Wicked Feature: (Your Name and/OR Shop/Project/Business Name)”.

Attach 3 relevant images of you, your work, workspace – whatever best represents your feature. Give us a brief introduction (a single paragraph will do), any links to your socials/website, anything you’d like us to know. If considered, we’ll email our questions to you.

Submission Guidelines for Articles/Editorials

Please paste the body of your article directly into an email and submit to wicked@bitchcraftfair.com with the subject line “Weekly Wicked Feature: (Article Title)”. Please include your author name/alias, and all of the personal/social links you would like for us to include so we can properly credit you. You may also attach images if this applies, otherwise, we will provide our own. Thank you so much for your contribution!

We publish one feature per week, and if you are selected we will email you from wicked@bitchcraftfair.com with our questions, or any other necessary follow-up. We can’t wait to get to know you!