The Gate Is Closed On Our Live Season...

so instead, we will be making a virtual conversion

before your jack-o-lantern grin turns into a scowl, read on

because we get it, this news is grim. and it doesn’t bode well for the future of live gatherings

but the tarot will tell you that death is just a new beginning, so virtual is our solution

why we have to play dead for another year

In short, for the safety of our community during this public health crisis, which is peaking once more during our Fair season. While we do believe we still could have delivered the same safe experience in Louisville we had in Pittsburgh, we also respectfully disagree with Live Nation's response to the Delta Variant, which impacts all venue rentals on or after 10/4/2021. Recent restrictions put in place would have been an absolute detriment to Bitchcraft Fair. We have therefore been left with the only decision we could make. Read on for the full statement.

don’t come all at once with scythes and pitchforks

Like a competent Undertaker, allow us to lay the groundwork. When we first signed our rental contracts with venues in late 2019 for the 2020 season, we were blissfully unaware of Covid-19, let alone the grave impact it would have on the live events industry. Remember, there is, nor ever has been, any known event insurance that covers Covid-19.

Some venues offered us a choice, such as the gracious David L Lawrence Convention Center: full cancellation, full refund OR the option to postpone to 2021. With other venues, cancellation would result in penalty. For the sake of securing rather than losing our vendor's booth payments, which largely cover venue deposits, we chose to postpone to 2021. In 2020, we refunded anyone who followed protocol and requested it, but rolled over anyone who did not. *There were specific protocols and deadlines involved in the refund process, the many who followed them were refunded.

The summer of 2021 seemed promising and live gatherings once again flourished. We had the great honor of hosting Bitchcraft Fair in Pittsburgh on 9/19/2021. We were tentative & conflicted we could still provide a health-conscious, socially distanced affair at the Louisville Palace. Then swiftly came the final nail on the coffin: strict Covid-19 restrictions effective on/after 10/4/2021 had been placed on all live events renting out the venue.

After two years of modifications, our original contractual agreement with the venue no longer resembles how Bitchcraft Fair was meant to manifest. At a certain critical point, we can no longer accept or afford the full extent of responsibility for the impact a global pandemic has had on our live show. We hope you understand our solution, as follows.

dead or undead, you’re still invited to rise from the grave & play

So here is our solution for our heartbreaking 2021 Louisville cancellation:

Vendors, please consult your emails. You were sent an email from detailing our approach for you, check your spam. If it was never received, then we likely have an out of date email address. You may either roll your booth over to 2022, or you may make a refund request here. Requests are now entirely conditional on Live Nation's decision to refund deposits, please understand this is where your money is. This may take some time and is not 100% guaranteed.

All tickets will be honored for our 2022 circuit as a seasonal pass to any venue (yes, you will be permitted entry into Bitchcraft Fair in one or multiple cities next season, so you can attend ALL live shows depending on how much you may be inclined to travel), and you will also still get to enjoy all vendors featured in our virtual marketplace. Enjoy a stream of interviews by our vendors and shop their craft as transforms into a marketplace for the week of Halloween, 10/25/21 - 11/1/21. We ask that you please extend your support to these vendors, who have been crippled by the cancellations of events this season.

For our ticketholders, we understand how disappointing this is. As this marks our second year of cancellations & postponements, it is beyond our capability at this time to refund tickets, given the risk that cancellation during the ongoing pandemic was always a possibility. We are sorry, but we are hopeful we'll get to meet face-to-face again next year.

they burnt us, but you can join us in the trash fire anyway

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