Louisville's Makers & Mystics Portal

The Louisville Palace & Mercury Ballroom
611 & 625 S 4th St, Louisville, KY 40202
Noon-6pm Sunday, October 17, 2021

Sadly, the Plague of 2020 has postponed the Season of the Bitch. Dates for 2021 are set!

Join The Creative Coven

The Season of the Bitch has been postponed, and spaces are temporarily on reserve for Makers & Mystics who paid and opt to transfer their booths to 2021. 

Applications will open again after we determine total booth availability remaining. We thank you so much for your patience!

The Devil's in the Detail

Let’s all work together to create a day infused with positive energy, gratitude & we will manifest terrific abundance. It is our philosophy that being well-prepared for any show fosters a positive outlook, which attracts more light and love, so be sure to read everything here for a crystal clear understanding.

We will have layouts, loading in/out processes & more insight very soon, so please check back!

Booth assignment diagrams will be added to this section no later than September 4 2020.

Please check back soon!

This will be available no later than August 19, 2021. Check back!

Please check back soon!

We will require some form of identification, preferably photo ID/driver’s license of whoever submitted the application. However, please feel free to familiarize yourself with your booth assignment and load in your things without consulting any check-in point. We are a small team, so familiarizing yourself with your booth space, informing yourself in advance with these details & proceeding with self-sufficiency will help us so much!

We will check for IDs at your assigned booth as needed. This should help load-in go quickly.

If you, or anyone within your team must leave the exhibit hall at any point during the show with the intention of returning, please consult the admissions desk anytime before noon so we can give you a pass to grant you hall access during event hours.

Electric is available by request, but is limited. 

Wi-Fi will not be provided – please bring HotSpots and any necessary services for your booth.

We suggest boasting a nice big visible bowl of freebies to attract trick-or-treaters, just be sure if these treats are edible, these are commercially wrapped goodies as nothing homemade will be permitted due to liabilities, boo.

We let our shoppers know when we give them bags that, as a courtesy for your generosity, if they take a treat they should expect to take time appreciating your inventory, too!

Please check back soon!

This will begin at 6pm, and we aim to be cleared out by 9pm! Please be courteous of your booth space and be sure to clear away any trash that may have accumulated to make it easier for our gracious hosts.

While we do not grant refunds you may sell your booth to another Maker or Mystic! Ask them to fill out the application, and under the shop name field, format “(Their Shop Name) REPLACING (Your Shop Name)”