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October 22, 2023 | noon - 6 pM
Hall 1 | PALMER EVENT Center

being face-to-face with your demographic is a rare sort of magick. we bring you your people, and we bring them by the thousands.
diagrams, booth assignments, order forms, load-in, set-up times - it's all here!
The Palmer Events Center is a unique venue with an amazing view of the downtown Austin skyline. witches also approve of the environmental conscientiousness, as the venue is 100% powered by renewable energy.
if everyone invited 10 friends and family members, attendance would increase by thousands! After the pandemic, spreading the word is more important than ever - so snag an image to announce on your socials.

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when you shout it loud, you help draw in the crowds, and everyone sells more as a result! share one of these on your socials