Milwaukee Makers & Mystics

OCTOBER 5, 2024 | NOON – 6 PM | The Baird Center ballroom

While there may be small adjustments when booth placements are finalized, here is about what you can expect! And this year, in order to ensure our Makers have more control over their booth placements, we’ve gotten rid of sponsorship tiers (EVERYONE gets the Rose Quartz perk, that is, the social media shout-out), and now you can choose whereabouts you’d prefer to be!

Explore your booth placement options below.

Booths here are discounted from the general booth rate of $125 since they’re not inside the ballroom. Foot traffic will come through from the admissions area, the 4 entrance points around concessions, and the the photobooth also located here.

A bit like drawing a wildcard almost as wild & wicked as you are! You can make your general booth requests known, along with neighbor requests, and we will do our absolute best to put you where you want! Not always guaranteed but we’ll get you as close as (in)humanly possible.

Ideal for the flexibility and the visibility, end caps tend to be sought after for and extra wiggle room. And they’re attention-grabbers, the first booth to draw the shopper’s eye in any given aisle. 

Placed right at the entrance, these placements are sure to be eye-catching! Greet shoppers as they enter from the admissions era, dazzle and amaze with your wares! You’re sure to leave quite the impression. Plus, with the added perk of choosing your own booth at the time of purchase, you need not wait for diagrams to be released!

You’ll be the brightest star in our night sky, studded at either end of the very first booths attendees will see upon entering the fair! Placed right at the entrance with the added perk of choosing your own booth at the time of purchase, you need not wait for diagrams to be released!

Be sure to act quick if you want multiple booths next to your end-cap – “High Visibility Mid-Row” booths are ALSO Pick Your Own!

being face-to-face with your demographic is a rare sort of magick. we bring you your people, and we bring them by the thousands.
see booth assignments, diagrams, load-in schedules & all other relevant information for the dawning of the bitching hour!
The wisconsin Center Grand Ballroom is the largest ballroom in Milwaukee, and will host the 2nd annual return of our fair
if everyone invited 10 friends and family members, attendance would increase by thousands! After the pandemic, spreading the word is more important than ever - so snag an image to announce on your socials.



put your broom up for a night or two at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee, only a 0.2 mile jaunt from the convention center. weekend downtown rates are high, but we locked in a special rate just for you!

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